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Our Philosophy

Symmetry Defined

The idea of Symmetry – balanced proportions – is applied in our practice through the design of comprehensive physical therapy programs. Our patient care incorporates up-to-date clinical knowledge with current, state-of-the-art treatment. Each therapy session at Symmetry begins with a physical assessment, but also a review of each patient’s experience and response to prior treatment. Every session can then be modified in some way to ensure that progress is ongoing and goals are being achieved. A treatment at Symmetry will typically involve multiple parts – addressing mechanics through hands-on manual therapies, practicing movement patterns through precisely prescribed activities and exercise, addressing pain relief with a variety of methods, and reviewing or modifying factors outside the clinic that can help to improve treatment outcomes. Our goal is for each patient to leave the clinic after treatment feeling better, but also feeling empowered that the short-term results of the day’s treatment will impact ongoing function.

Balanced Treatments

Our treatments at Symmetry are also balanced by integrating multiple body systems into the process of healing. The mechanical systems of bones, joints, and muscles are of primary focus in many cases. Balance systems – both locally in the muscular system but also centrally in the vestibular system, are also important to improve body performance during movement. The neurological systems that communicate pain and also drive movement also need to be addressed in a well-designed and comprehensive treatment. And establishing or ensuring good circulatory and respiratory function is also key to enabling the human body to repair. The individualized assessment of each of these body systems is one way that Symmetry provides distinctive care.

Professional Balance

At Symmetry, we recognize that our professional background needs to balance with each patient’s individual experience and body awareness, so that we can achieve an efficient partnership and optimal treatment results. Our therapists are constantly striving to stay current with the best that physical therapy practice has to offer, but also to remain in-tune with the specific individual needs of patients as they pursue individual activity. Our goal is to create a lasting and ongoing relationship with our clients. The better we know you, the better we can understand how your body works and responds to treatment. We hope our patients will return from time to time to allow us to help keep their bodies in tune and maintain good physical health.

We invite you to come visit us and find your balance!