Wellness Services

Our global healthcare system is progressively recognizing that maintaining health and wellness is advantageous in comparison to simply treating disease and dysfunction. People stay healthier when they get regular medical and dental check-ups and screen for possible disease periodically, according to their individual risk factors and family history of illness. Symmetry Physical Therapy believes that physical health can be similarly responsive to consistent ‘maintenance’. Regularly evaluating items such as body weight, strength, flexibility, and cardiopulmonary fitness can help patients get started on or modify activities or exercise programs that can create ongoing musculoskeletal health. At Symmetrywe offer several different Wellness Screenings – modified for particular patient goals. If you are a young athlete getting ready for a season of play, a working-age adult hoping to attain or maintain fitness, or an older adult wanting to maintain good balance and agility during daily activities – we have an assessment that will provide you with a ‘snapshot’ of your individual strengths and areas for improvement.