Five Reasons to Visit Symmetry’s Physical Therapists Before Summer

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5 Reasons to Visit Symmetry’s Physical Therapists Before Summer

  • Fix your aching back before you travel. The summer season often means long car rides, plane trips, and loading or maneuvering luggage.  Don’t risk arriving at your summer destination feeling incapacitated and unable to participate.  Symmetry can help you to get your back into shape before departure, so that you can fully enjoy your time off.
  • Get your shoulders ready for summer recreation. Do you like to swim, surf, paddle, or play beach volleyball?  All of these activities require good shoulder strength and stability. If you’ve spent the winter at your desk, it would be a good idea to make sure that you’ve got optimal mobility and that your muscles are solid before starting summer play.
  • Prepare to walk in sandals and barefoot. Summer means walking on the sand, the pool deck or patio, and in the backyard.  Walking comfortably while barefoot requires good toe and arch strength.  Also, making sure that you can achieve optimal leg and foot alignment when out of shoes will help you to keep your balance on unfamiliar surfaces, as well as reduce the chances of back or hip pain that might be caused by an awkward stride.
  • Maximize your flexibility. Will you be hiking this summer? Scrambling up rocks?  Trying a yoga class on the beach?  Sleeping in a hammock or on a camping mat?  Good flexibility in your back, hips, ankles, and shoulders will make all of these activities more comfortable.
  • Take advantage of your summer change in schedule. You’ll be between sports seasons.  Between school semesters.  You may be altering typical work hours to accommodate for your kids’ or family’s summer schedule.  Why not take advantage of the change of pace and get rid of any nagging pain that’s been accumulating through spring.  Symmetry offers appointments early, late, and through the lunch hour to make it easy to access a therapist who can help you to get back to feeling your best.

Symmetry wants you to make the most of your summer!  We invite you to schedule an evaluation before the new season kicks off.  We’d be happy to get you started on a path to feel your best, and help you establish a restorative activity program that you can do on the go – even while out of town.  Call us today at 512-339-1500.  We’ll look forward to seeing you!

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