• For 10+ years I'd had needling knee injuries until I finally ruptured my VMO. I was sure at that point that my soccer "career" was over. But, with no surgery, and less than 6 months of physical therapy with Julie Mankinen, I was back to playing soccer, and my knees and quads are stronger than ever! I rely on Julie's PT knowledge and skills to help me with more and more aches and pains the older I get. She has treated everything for me from plantar fasciitis (helping me to get it from being totally unbearable pain to being totally manageable regardless of my activity) to upper and lower back pain. Regardless of the injury, I always ask for my doctor's referral to PT so that I can see Julie first, before deciding on any other treatment options! - by LB

  • During the snow storm we had here in Austin, I slipped and broke/fractured both my tibia & fibula.
    Wish I had started sooner, but now have a 5th session coming up with Lily Swann and couldn’t be happier. It’s been a long 2 months, and now I finally feel like I am on my way to recovery. I highly recommend Symmetry PT......professional & friendly staff. - by EG
  • I think Julie originally treated me for a crink in my neck. She ended up fixing not only that, but also a life long issue with frequent headaches. I did not realize the pain was so frequent until it was gone! With a few treatments and a few exercises to take with me, I rarely have a headache now! Thanks, Julie! - By JK

  • I am amazed at how well my knee is doing. Brad is knowledgeable, professional and very kind. I started with a goal to snow ski again and Brad is helping me make that happen. - by LB
  • The therapists at Symmetry Physical Therapy far exceeded my expectations during my rehabilitation from a back injury sustained during a fall. Julie Mankinen is a patient, attentive and dedicated physical therapist with a tremendous depth of knowledge and experience. Due to her treatment, I am now completely pain free and have been able to begin a rigorous physical training plan in preparation for a deployment to Afghanistan with the U.S. Army. - By AF

  • I find Symmetry to be a very caring and experienced facility. Lilly Swan is great, well trained and pays close attention to my input and post surgery issues. She adjusted the session to focus on my key areas requiring attention. I am extremely pleased with this group! - by JC
  • I think that physical therapy must be an art as well as a science. Julie has valuable advanced clinical training and, in addition, I think that she must be a particularly artful practitioner. I've certainly not had the same level of results with other therapists I've seen in the past. Julie really has a special ability. - by JCW

  • I was referred to Symmetry Physical Therapy by a friend who is a nurse practitioner. She felt like Symmetry would be a wise choice for me for my physical therapy needs. All of the staff at Symmetry are professional, friendly, on-time, and easy to work with each day. My therapist, Brad Bevil,  has already done incredible work with me in the two weeks that I have been going there. He is meticulous, patient, friendly, well-prepared, and uses every minute of the hour of each appointment for my therapy. I was very impressed with my first appointment as Brad took his time, did a very thorough job of finding out about my medical history and physical status, and still had time for some initial exercises. I have also been pleased that no two days of therapy have ever been the same. Brad varies the exercises considerably each time I go, and does not have me do the same exercises at both home and therapy. He is realistic with me about my progress while at the same time offering hope of a better physical body situation. - by RMB
  • After months of seeing other physical therapists with marginal results, Julie helped me to achieve immediate and significant improvement with a chronic neck issue after just two appointments. I will definitely start with Symmetry next time! - By BDM

  • Great team!  Kelsy is very professional and friendly. - by WA