Reminder to Review Your Insurance Plan

As the New Year approaches, there are often changes pending for many insurance plans.  It is common for insurance plans to ‘roll over’ at the beginning of the calendar year.  This typically means that a new set of benefits is available to each plan holder.  It may also mean that there are updates to plan attributes such as deductibles, co-insurance, and pre-authorization requirements.  Sometimes, employer-sponsored insurance plans may change entirely from one company to another as a new year begins. As a health-care consumer, it is important to know what to expect from your insurance coverage in the New Year.  It is Symmetry’s recommendation to take a look at the physical therapy benefits for your individual policy for 2022, so that you can make appropriate plans for how to most effectively utilize your benefits through the year.  If you have specific questions about how your individual insurance coverage will work for you in the new year, we encourage you to contact your insurance plan’s customer service representatives and/or your plan’s written or electronic coverage and benefits summaries.  Contact information is typically printed directly on your insurance cards.  Symmetry will also keep you posted about any new information that we receive about the insurance plans that we work with on a regular basis. If your insurance plan does change in the new year, please remember to let us know as soon as you receive new insurance cards and/or electronic plan information such as ID and Group numbers. Updating patient charts to reflect new plan information is important, so that claims can process smoothly for physical therapy care.