Top Five Reasons that attending Physical Therapy will benefit YOU…

  1. Physical Therapy is a PAIN KILLER! – Manual therapy and individually prescribed physical activity are well-documented as effective for a host of musculoskeletal disorders, from back or neck pain to shoulder tendonitis, ankle and knee sprains, hip arthritis, tennis elbow, overuse injuries, and more. And PT works without pharmaceutical costs and side effects.
  2. Physical Therapy can MAKE YOU TALLER! – Optimizing spinal mobility and muscular flexibility can have dramatic effects on posture. Eliminate your back pain and literally improve your outlook with physical therapy. It’s a non-surgical solution to looking better and feeling healthier.
  3. Physical Therapy IMPROVES PERFORMANCE! – Working with a physical therapist can result in improvements in strength, balance, power, speed, coordination, and efficient movement. Want to run faster? Throw farther? Fine-tune your sport activity execution? We can help you ‘shake’ a nagging injury or regain lost agility – during sports, and also during work or household activity.
  4. Physical Therapy can make you FEEL YOUNGER! – Some of the observable ‘side-effects’ of improving your musculoskeletal health with physical therapy include weight loss, better muscle tone, improved balance, and increased independence with daily function. Less obvious benefits include slowing the degenerative process of cartilage or bone, maintaining sensory function, and improving tissue quality with better circulation, nutrition, and oxygen delivery. All can result in extending the warranty on your body and making you feel better than you have in years.
  5. Physical Therapy is LIKE HAVING AN APPLE A DAY! – It’s said that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Maintaining your musculoskeletal health with physical therapy can have similar effects. Good physical fitness and function can help to prevent or control many other disease processes like arthritis, diabetes, or osteoporosis. A physical therapist can be an invaluable member of your Medical Team. We recommend that you see one regularly.

We hope that you will visit us at Symmetry Physical Therapy. Please contact us if we can help you to meet your health & fitness goals!