TMJ Rehabilitation

The temporomandibular joint, or ‘TMJ’, is a strong but also very mobile connection between the jaw and the skull on each side of the head.

Skull IMG_4251

Due to its proximity to the ear and to the cervical spine, problems with the TMJ can create a wide variety of pain and mechanical problems – not just in the jaw area, but also in the head, face, or neck. TMJ problems can also cause ear aches or symptoms such as ringing in the ears. A specially trained physical therapist can effectively treat the TMJ and also work in conjunction with other medical practitioners such as dentists or ear, nose, & throat specialists to find personalized solutions that can decrease and eliminate TMJ-related pain. Symmetry Physical Therapy offers TMJ treatment as a part the clinic’s specialty spine rehabilitation program, with a therapist that has over a decade of experience treating patients with TMJ disorders.