How To Squeeze In Exercise During Vacation


It’s easy to stop exercising while you are vacationing. Here are some simple ways to keep moving during your next trip:

  • Wear athletic shoes while traveling and sneak in a walk whenever possible. Walk to and from restaurants, around the airport on layover and in quick intervals on breaks when you are waiting on something, such as when you fill the car with gas. Look for walking tours of the city that you are visiting. You can see a lot of sights on foot while saving the hassle and expense of parking.
  • Take the stairs. Stair climbing burns calories twice as fast as walking, builds leg strength and increases aerobic capacity. Climbing two flights of stairs each day could result in weight loss over the course of a year of up to six pounds!
  • Opt for exercises which require little space and no equipment. Squats, push-ups and plank activities can be modified as needed by using simple accessories like a chair, or a wall or varying positions to off-load body weight. Your PT can help you determine what would work best for you.
  • Consider interval training. Tabata-style training involves high intensity but short interval bursts of activity. Even if a continuous 20 minutes is impossible while traveling, you might be able to work four short 4-minute sessions into a day. Exercises might include squats, jumping jacks, wall push-ups or anything else that uses the body’s large muscle groups (thighs, calves, biceps, triceps and abdominals).
  • Work on flexibility. Even in a very small space and with no equipment, you can stretch your legs, arms, back and neck. Flexibility can reduce the potential for sport-related injuries and active, dynamic stretching can raise your heart rate, body temperature and the body’s metabolic activity – all counterbalances to the tendency to be less active than usual while traveling.
  • Try something new. Is your destination known for its beautiful beaches? Try snorkeling or open water swimming. Are you in the mountains? Go for a hike or a walk along the hilly streets of downtown while window shopping. Bike-share and Segway tours are common options in larger cities.

Bon voyage!