Marshaling Your Resources

Since the inception of Symmetry Fitness and Performance in late October, 13 year old Marshall B. has attended 2 instructional sessions per week. He has shown up on-time, memorized his individualized corrective exercises, and owns an attitude of diligence that is rare even among the professional and collegiate athletes I have coached.

Marshall received instruction on the kettlebell swing, the get-up, and he learned the Speed Sequence I teach to improve basic first-step quickness and sprinting ability. He practiced these movement skills on his own 1-2 times per week outside of the Symmetry clinic.
With basketball practice, academic school work and family obligations Marshall had limited time to invest in strength, speed and conditioning training so that he could improve his general athleticism. But, he did very well with the time he did have.

He was recently selected to a starting position on the “A” team for his school’s basketball program! Marshall, I am extremely proud of you. Excellent work so far–now is the time to express that speed and power on the court!

If you have an athlete needing to learn the foundational components of faster running and more ground-based power that apply to any sport give us a call at 512-339-1500 or email me at for more information.